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CERT Training

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Are you interested in learning how to protect yourself, your family and your community in the event of a major disaster? If so, then become a CERT Member.

What is CERT?

 CERT stands for Community Emergency Response Team

What does CERT do?

Using the basic CERT curriculum, CERT personnel train to prepare for a disaster or overwhelming event by:

  • Identifying and mitigating potential hazards in the home and workplace.
  • Initiating plans to prepare themselves and their loved ones for the hazards that they face.
  • Learning skills to help themselves, loved ones, and neighbors or fellow employees until professional response resources arrive.
  • Working cooperatively as a team within their neighborhoods or workplaces.
  • Maintaining a relationship with the agency that sponsors the CERT program.
  • Participating in continuing education and training.
  • Volunteering for projects to enhance the public safety of their communities.
  • Understanding their capabilities and limitations when deployed.

During training, CERTs learn to:

  • Prepare for the hazards that threaten their communities.
  • Apply size-up and safety principles.
  • Locate and turn off utilities.
  • Extinguish small fires.
  • Identify hazardous materials situations.
  • Triage and treat victims.
  • Set up a medical treatment area.
  • Conduct searches and rescues in lightly and moderately damaged structures.
  • Understand the psychological impact of a disaster on themselves and others.
  • Organize CERT members and spontaneous volunteers for an effective and safe response.
  • Apply response skills in a disaster simulation.
The Alpine Fire Protection District will be doing in person training and DATES will be announced soon.
If interested, please ENTER YOUR INFORMATION below or call 619-445-2635 to reserve your space in the academY.
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Check out pictures from the graduation of the first CERT academy in 2011.