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The most visible and valued services provided by the Alpine Fire Protection District is our response to and control of emergency events that may affect our residents, workers and visitors. The District provides a variety of emergency response services including:

  •  Fire Suppression 
  •  Emergency Medical Services
  •  Hazardous Materials Response
  •  Public Assistance

Each day, our District staffs an engine company that is ready to respond out of Station 17 in Alpine, CA. It is our goal to ensure that patient care, firefighting and other call types are responded to and mitigated in the least amount of time. Our organization is committed to ensure when the need arises, our personnel are highly trained, competent, professional and equipped with state of the art fire apparatus and equipment.

During the last fiscal year, our fire department responded to 1,587 incidents. Like most fire service organizations, the majority of those call types are medically-related. 

The District has three Captains that each manage specific aspects of the emergency delivery system while overseeing one of three platoons of firefighters. Those three Captains are overseen by Fire Chief Brian Boggeln. For more information or help with specific questions, please contact Chief Boggeln directly at 619-445-2635 x 302 or